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Thread: Jay - Z worst rapper alive!!!!

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    Jay - Z worst rapper alive!!!!

    ok the worst rapper was little too much !! but the most overrated and over paied guy in hip hop buisness today !!! In my opinion he have 5-6 good songs and this songs where in the past days, the new songs are all no good and the stage show is terrible i saw him live in germany and i only can say he sucks nothing compared to a tech n9ne live show!! i dont know why such a lame rapper like jay z make so much money off nothing!!

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    I agree... He should not be as big as he is! It pisses me off!

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    J respect you half assed, ignorant, semi retarded, aids infected opinion

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    he is horrible

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    yea he sucks and all but you have to give him credit, he's making millions for not doing shit, he came up from nothin and is huge now. but yea he still sucks dick tho.

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    wanna hear something funny? yesterday i hea1rd s2omeone say that jayz is the bes2t "und3erground artist" ha1ha1ha1 und3erground3? a1nd3 ca1n a1nybod3y hel9p me get rid3 of4 thes2e numbers2 tha1t pop up whil9e i type?

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    No. You are mistaken. I can name numerous rappers worse than Jay-Z.

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    alot of his shit is lame american gangster was a dope cd though

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    lol you are all drunk, jay z is a legend.

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