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Thread: Rains Challenge

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    Rains Challenge

    Would it be a possibility to extend that challenge to an open battle with whom would like to join on this site , so instead of two people going at the same beat we have more and the listeners decide?
    just think it could be fun , if your hearing me out ?

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    oh okay , Hey yeah fair enough true , well id like to start one but if i did id like it to just be people on this site spiting to the same beat , instead of going at each other this site is the dopest out , it would be sick to have a friendly comp going .
    well if anyone else reads this feel free to come up with a beat and post it and we can start .

    Quote Originally Posted by mrmagyk
    Somebody tried that already but it totally fell apart. I'd be down though. I don't spit but I'd love to hear. The one with Rain and whatshisname should be just them two though I think since dude called him out (my opinion).Get a different one going and see if they will jump into that also.

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    we tried it here and it didn't work out...we had 2 maybe 3 rounds of it before the appointed judges and producers kinda started slackin and everything fell apart. We could host this at Nasty Nullities since its a primarily a hip hop and rap site and and there are several members from here over there.we have a cypher section in our forums with little activity...perhaps we could get that section crackin????

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    hahahhaha i knew it.. thats why i said i dont wanna anwser more than the one i will respond to lol but hey u might have something here that u can start up if others wanna do. id check it out as far as listen to yaw!

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