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Thread: this forum is almost dead.

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    this forum is almost dead.

    theres nothing special in these posts anymore. its all talking about the fight over whos opinion is right or wrong. maybe we need more strange news to keep us from gettin at eachother.. just a thought. maybe release an unrealeased track to keep us payin attention to you guys or something of the sort. honestly ive been listening to alot less strange recently

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    Just wait, there are a lot of albums coming soon and then we can talk about those.this past year we had sickology, genius, monsterifik, and kod along with all the touring to keep us busy. But even then we had a thousand posts about the meaning to kod so it's not like the board has died. It's just the same ppl posting about the same shit.

    I don't expect strange to pump out news just to appease us. I think that native's idea of running a true modded forum is a great idea and would give a lil more guidance for posting.

    Personally I probably read only 3 or 4 posts on a page here bc most of it is junk or some bickering between juggalos and non juggalos.

    It's the off season so it's natural that the official site is having off time. It's giving Stevie stone and broth lynch a good opprotunity with this community though.

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    this forum isn't!

    it was actually born today!

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