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Thread: the formula & foundation

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    the formula & foundation

    So I came on here again (the first time inseveral months) and I see not much has changed, alot of ppl still attacking other peoples opinions, or who they like musically (lyrically) It's kind of made me wish over half of you, could remove your heads from your asses and respect difference of opinions.

    I see alot of people talkin down on ICP,( Who I am not a fan of) Eminem (who moderatly impresses me from time to time) to pretty much everyone 1 from in between.

    The Formula in hip-hop, and realy MUSIC as a WHOLE, is to attain attention, and MAINTAIN fans, sure we all have tastes in music that are different, and can even change.

    I think one of the best tours from Last Year was the K.O.D. Tour, it brought alot of different variable to the table..of course Tech & the Strange family kicked the shyt out of the stage..But Slaughterhouse, Stevie Stone, and even Glasses Malone..all very different...offered and brought their own thing to those crowds every night.

    I don't know about all of you, but wouldnt it be NICE to see the RE-United (all 5 memebers) of Bone Thugs n harmoney do a tour with say Krizz Kaliko & Big Scoob?, Or SeeCypress Hill, Brotha Lynch Hung, D12, DGAF & Potluck all do a tour with each other .

    We all know music we all pretty much have got ot agree we love music, but can we all stop arguin or dawggin on each others opinion...sure I dislike lil wayne, but from time ot time he has put out a song or 3 I DOn't point is...Its music, its meant ot spark conversation, creativity, or at the least end entertain you...some ppl jus dont knohw how to be chill with each other

    so If your a hater (and we are all haters of 1 person or at some point) Then go roll a blunt, light it up sit back, and chillax.

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    I'd love to see Bone and Strange Music do a tour together...

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    foreal itd be hella tight... theyve done it before... do it again so i cud go... haha...

    Quote Originally Posted by Crooked Cali
    I'd love to see Bone and Strange Music do a tour together...

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