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Thread: Hypnotic..or how ever it's supposed to be spelled...

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    Hypnotic..or how ever it's supposed to be spelled...

    Sucks ass holes. I was very disappointed after drinking it tonight. I even mixed it with Sprite like suggested. The $25 was not worth it what so ever. Any one else agree/disagree?

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    Mix it with x rated

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    i agree its a bitch drink

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    hypnotic is for gay and french people

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    I don't have money for Henny. Lol. I didn't even pay the full $25 for it. Me and my friend went half, and it still wasn't worth it. I should of listened to Game when he said it sucked in one of his songs Lol. I'm gonna just stick to my Crown and Coke.

    Quote Originally Posted by STR@NG3 7-ONE-9
    i dnt agree wit u...u shouldve mixed it with hennesy or e&j it turns green n is called the incredible hulk its not strong but u drink enuf n u'll b fucked up

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    Haha first time i ever drank, we drank hpnotiq. this was before i had any idea what a "girl drink" was, so cut me some slack. I remember thinking it was hella good, and the bottle looked sick. Havent had it in years since though

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