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    im trying to get a funny ass movie, but i think i have seen most..
    any suggestions?

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    totally baked

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    fear and loathing. or lets go to prison.

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    lets go to prison was good?

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    rat race...i havent seen that forever, watched the other day, it was funny as fuck

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    The Hangover

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    Life is my favorite movie all about the benjamins is hella funny too

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    depending on ure sense of humour....The Stepfather part 3 is hillarious (my sense of humour I suppose could be called twisted @ times) alot of old scary movies r funny...Hmmm Steven Seagal's Marked for Death has me falling out my seat w/ the exaggerated accent and voodoo...Tyler Perry's Madea goes to Jail.

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    Pinapple express is hilarious, im sure you have seen it though

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