I got ahold of this beat, and had to write to it, yall should do the same!!

Simply joggin next to the projects onset

mobbin hip hop educational knowledge

ignorance is abolished relished ever so

treasured clear to be never ill measure

endeavors words adjectives letters keep

on for the better skys the limit here and

forever books insteada birettas said id be

clever vendetta so severed rather

remembered December depression gathers

i pass thru jew in the projects i dismiss the laughter

fly above praying for another chapter

mothers sick cant work hard life id gather?

Tanisha down the way catches me off guard

hey whats the matter im like its odd ever

feel like your forgotten by god above and

everyone else around you gotsta act tough

even tho? im a scrub im like were went all

the love hate crime poverty victims of this

nations corporate annexation monopoly

does race matter when in a few years my

mom'll be gone that's all i got you see the

stress straight got to me up at heavens door

patiently she's knocking grief it hits because

of this i despise my brief existence trying not to

be bitter and cold cha know keeping cool

no need to explode like Chernobyl over boils

its like im trapped in the bubble snow globe

she turns to me and says oh i didnt know your

smarter than these people out here away to

the sky you go dont act like its not such a focus

niggas on the block hate cus this fact theyve noticed

god needs people like you the most its not a matter

of what is but getting you down by thinkin its hopeless

i propose its no bed of roses your life seems broken

over things you had no control of or even choosen

faith is more than an equation outcome or quotient

from malcolm to king jr the effect of one can be ever

so potent i know right now your emotions must run

deep like the ocean heres my number call me whenever

your feeing low some or lonesome I like how you dont condone

dumb down you know whats needed and for that your

clowned perhaps for now spend time with your momma

before she's heaven bound keep the strength and

know gods where your least expecting him to be found

but i gotta go now and off she went a hard day another

helped soften not commonly often do people around here

talk instead of mockin and gawkin too much hate people die

here everyday with clickin and poppin gangs with the rest

of satans goblins got back on my feet steadily again began