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Thread: Tech N9ne Devil Worship Accusations

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    Tech N9ne Devil Worship Accusations

    Feel free to speak on this and let this guy know how you feel.

    Some batshit crazy christian.

    Leave comments. Flag Video. Do what you will.

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    tech is a satanist.
    but a christian talkin about INDOCTRINATION!!!! lol wtf?!
    and the video coulda put atleast some credible facts instead of opinions.
    no talk of anton lavey's strange music album.
    or anything interesting.

    also i'm changing the toic of this topic.
    guys, i just realized jus allah was black O.o

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    i just wanna get his account suspended cuz im bored lol....and he banned me. I wanted to have a good discussion but he got pissed and banned me.

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    flag the video!

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    Senior Member T Nik.'s Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    straight garbage. poor, poor video, just a bunch of nonsense.

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    Senior Member Bobby Hill's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    it's dumb to flag a video just because you don't believe what it says

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    I dont give a shit what he says. He banned me instead of having a genuine debate and thats some pussy shit. So i wanna take his channel away since hes obviously an attention whore

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    just finished the vid, and i must say, the search for tech n9ne's #1 fan is over! this guy that put this little hate video together is by far Tech's biggest fan! i mean how many times has he listened to his songs, watched his music videos, and studied his interviews! he probably knows more about tech than tech does about himself, which is amazing! he pointed out more stuff in that video than i would have caught, so thank you for your help buddy! but he's a hipocrate for telling all of us to stop listening to Tech N9ne and get out from under his control, but yet he's the one who is obsessing over Tech N9ne's every word. i think he's the one who's obsessed and if i say so myself, a closet Tecnician! well just come out of that closet buddy, and come join the darkness! trust me, everythings more fun in the dark!

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    haha looks like that douche deleted some of the comments that didn't agree with him, typical.

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    "To all TECH 9 Fans? you come on this Video and talk smack to me you get BLOCKED and DELETED!!!!

    Get that? All you FOLLOWERS can seem to talk smack yet you can't find time to give me any better of an argument.

    And man woman or child that can smack talk GOD and call himself the BEAST does not I repeat does not love GOD!!!

    How you gonna talk about LOVE GOD and his Record is called King of Darkness, better yet what about the ALBUM KILLER? Really sounds like a man of God huh?"

    WOW what a fucking baby! LOL

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