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Thread: Appearence's by Tech N9ne Kutt Calhoun Krizz Kaliko and Paul Wall

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    Appearence's by Tech N9ne Kutt Calhoun Krizz Kaliko and Paul Wall

    This song is pretty bomb and shit I never seen the video and just recently came across it all 4 of the artist in the title showed up in it and I figured I would share this with everyone enjoy

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    this is pretty raw

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    Videos pretty cool!! They did this during the fire and ice tour.

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    all these dudes are sick, ill bill, mr. hyde, necro i love ill bill till death BUT they all remind me of Evan Seinfeld from Biohazard when he raps, except over hip hop beats. It aint bad IK they been influenced by metal & hardcore and bein from Brooklyn BIOHAZARD was native to NYC if not brooklyn i dont remember...been so long man lol

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    Italian Muthafuckaz i love the thing at the end it reminds me of how me n my homies talk 2 eachother, bein italian and all haha

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    ? ive listened to necro and personally i think he's worse than icp but thats my opinion, from what i hear he puts alot of words together that rhyme and have flow but make no sense at all as a whole verse or sentence, and that death rap cd is nukkin futts! in a bad way but hey i guess its real death rap (hum i wonder if thats why its called that) this song is dope but shit, i dont know if its worth buyin any of those cd's except the riveria regime cd, that cd has some pretty catchy songs on it ive heard that one alot from one of my buddy's lol fuckin jewish gangsters... shits kinda funny

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    I was hoping to hear them in the video

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    Ill Bill looks like Big Pun in this video

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    Man idk. I think pretty much every kinda music comin outta new york sounds to much alike. And im sayin hip hop punk/hardcoreeverything ive heard by artists from there. Imo it seems like they are all tryin waaaaayy hard to be hardcore. And the sound just gets old. And they all lookd like douches cussn as much as possible haha

    Also who was the guy with the tatted arms that kept throwin punches? He looks interesting lol

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    Yeah definately a great song.

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