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Thread: Lazlow Show!

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    Lazlow Show!

    If yall played GTA IV after you get to the second island you also get to hear to a new radio station, Integrity 2.0, anyways the host Lazlow has his own show... That used to be hosted on XM/Sirius Virus but got cancelled anyways yall have to listen to it it is funny as hell

    this was the November show I believe, they have a three hour show every month and it's pretty funny check it out.... SERIOUSLY!

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    They discussed prison rape for like 5 minutes.. lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colepru
    They discussed prison rape for like 5 minutes.. lol.

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    Idk if its the same but im 90% sure lazlow is a dj that was on 96.5 the buzz. Its an alternative rock station here in KC he talkd about sum crazy shit too.

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    I love it

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