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Thread: Free Hopsin & SwizZz MixTape You Get it Now

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    Free Hopsin & SwizZz MixTape You Get it Now

    Hey check it i was checking through some stuff on Youtube an a found a site by Hopsin & SwizZz dont know if you guys alredy got it or if its been posted up here but its gives you a free mixtape of some dope shit man for thos of you who douted SwizZzi know i did we shall eat our words dude is hella tight in his song Ramble,

    to get your free Mixtape Check out
    its under free music on the main page an for all you budding young artist's out there thers a free comp on there to free beat's included Check it!!!!

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    Yeah that's the haywire mixtape. It was posted on hear before but that was a while back. Those beats they have for sale on there are sick too. I think I'm gonna buy a couple of them.

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