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    Stevie Stone

    I got the sample disc when i bought vip package and the sampler was fresh so i bought the album and homie got some cuts on there. What yall think?

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    sick as shit can't wait for more

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    New kid coming is the shit. He's my favorite non strange rapper for sure. Met him at the VIP and he was super cool. Very down to earth and happy to meet and mingle with the fans.

    My favorite song on his album is "I smoke" and that shit has turned into one of the best smokin weed songs I've heard. The whole album is really good. I can't wait for the Midwest explosion vid now.

    Anyways Stevie is the shit and I would definitely buy his cd again. You can listen to the whole thing on his myspace page too.

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    The album is the shit, straight fire.

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