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Thread: The Ultimate Tecca Album

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    The Ultimate Tecca Album

    If you could choose any tracks off any albums and make your Ultimate Tech Album, what would it be?
    And what order would you have the tracks? Just think of the album, it would definately be the greatest album of your life, remember theres only 80 mins on a cd! lol

    1. Stamina
    2. The Industry is Punks
    3. Monster
    4. Night And Day
    5. Slacker
    6. Cry Baby
    7. Sleeping Beauty
    8. In The Trunk
    9. Come Gangsta
    10. My World
    11. Psycho Bitch
    12. Psycho Bitch II
    13. Hope For A Higher Power
    14. Paint A Dark Picture
    15. Einstein
    16. Hunterish
    17. That Owl

    This was harder than I thought, I missed heaps but its a start

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    Senior Member Turbine's Avatar
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    Not bad!... But... Red nose, midwest choppers1-2? Low?
    The Ultimate Tech cd would have to be atleast 25-30 tracks.

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    I was considering finishing the album with the rain, and im not a HUGE fan of red nose

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Robz
    How bout the rain &red nose

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    mine is..
    2.Mitch Bade
    3.This Ring
    4.Constantly Dirty
    5.Trapped in a psychos body
    7.Worst enemy
    8.Yada Yada Yada
    9.Come gangsta
    10.My world
    11.The rain
    12.Girl crazy
    13.Happy ending
    14.Holier than thou
    15.Red nose
    16.In the air
    17.Blown away
    18.Show me a god
    19.Blackened the sun
    20.The martini

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    Take monster of there and add You dont want it.

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    I thnk Tech should come out and set a trend like the first hip hop triple disc album lol. He's got the talent and material to doit

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    This discussion has been done so many times

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    haven't heard that track bro

    Quote Originally Posted by The Dirty 530
    This discussion has been done so many times

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    shit is real has too b on dat list!!!!!!

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    oh god please no

    Quote Originally Posted by true
    shit is real has too b on dat list!!!!!!

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