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Thread: Does Tech N9ne Have A Ghostwriter?

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    As I have already said ,co-writing isn't strictly a lyricism business. Mike Elizondo is an instrumentalist(bassist),keyboardist and a producer,not a lyricist,those categories of people get credited on songs regardless of whether or not they wrote lyrics on it.Songwriter does not necessarily mean lyricist,actually it usually does not.Mozart is credited for writing the Requiem but the lyrics were from poets of the time,he is credited because he crafted the melody and composed it.
    I am not talking about Krizz producing a track , I am talking about him being a lyricist that help Yates' work.I personally don't mind it anymore because it seems to be about hooks, and they are literally the last thing I look at in a rap song.

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    I don't think that's entirely true. He probably has wrote some of them but not all of them. Tech even said in one of his interviews that some of his songs and beats he hears in his dream (which is pretty badass.)

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    Tech has only ever recorded a verse written by someone else twice (to my knowledge). The obvious one being his verse for the Five Finger Death Punch remake of LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out". Does anyone else know what the other one is?

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    I say majority rule, he is his own writer. If any ghost writing is going on we are not going to know, I think it would be fair trade and acknowledgements from there on or anonymously credited like the messages skit was.
    The memories of to be or not to be.
    Rah always ending in our names.
    time only tells the beauty to stand still.
    Staying true, like the lyrics in beautiful.
    Hard act to follow, in two private worlds, that's for sure.
    Might as well been the apple in your song
    I do have memories even as young as I may have seemed,
    The fictitious little sister who never existed just might be Me.

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    piss poor pricks...

    Quote Originally Posted by Bubo View Post
    Thanks for the support on my first entry in this community. Nevertheless, I agree. With both statements. Collaboration is to creating, like key be to lock. And it is McCormick vodka, peach peace tea, redds strawberry ale, nicotine, and life^.^
    WOW "senior" commentors be dicks....

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