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Thread: Slumerican Tour or Funk Volume Tour?

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    Slumerican Tour or Funk Volume Tour?

    I work every fucking weekend and it is hard for me to get days off. The FV tour near me is Oct 12th and the Slumerican show is the 20th. Thats a Friday one weekend and a Saturday the next. Im putting in for the days off now a month and a half early, but I still might not be able to get both off.

    Not sure which to choose. Which would you pick?

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    I would personally choose Slumericam, but FV has more artists that I'm sure your intersted, Hop, Dizzy, Swizz, etc

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    I just saw Yelawolf August 26th and his track list was:

    ...the song titles aren't perfect but you get the picture.

    1. Feeling great, looking great ( I don't know what song this was, these were just the lyrics he was saying)
    2. Daddy's lambo
    3. Trunk music
    4. Look ma, no hands,
    5. Up in the club, don't give a fuck, hard white, lil jon
    6. Wish a motherfucker would, say I ain't hip hop, bitch you ain't hip hop

    1. Beastie boys

    fight for your right to party

    brass monkey

    intergalactic planatery
    1. Eminem

    The way I am
    1. Lynard Skynard - simple man (song)
    2. White boy shit
    3. Marijuana
    4. Pop the trunk
    5. Animal
    6. I just want to party
    7. Good to go
    8. Throw it up
    9. Let's roll
    10. PSYCHO WHITE song from PSYCHO WHITE [EP]

    I've never seen Hopsin live but I have seen Jarren Benton and Dizzy Wright live. Jarren is fucking dope live (if you're a fan of his music).

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    I haven't seen Yela or Rittz live, but I saw Hopsin, Jarren & Dizzy Wright just a few weeks ago 'n they're all really good. Hopsin's fan interaction made it even better, since SwizZz wasn't there he had a fan come up 'n perform SwizZz's verse for How You Like Me Now 'n he did things like this through-out the night. Really good show, so if you like FV I doubt you'll be disappointed by that show

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    Funk volume

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