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Thread: New Liquid Assassin Album

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    New Liquid Assassin Album

    Liquid Assassin posted a blog on Myspace and had this to say about his upcoming album:

    January 12, 2010 - Tuesday 1:41 AM

    My Next Album!

    What up ya'll? This blog right here is to tell ya'll what to expect from my next album im doing. First off the name of the album is "Cardell Jr."

    This album is gonna be alot deeper an more personal, I just thought i would let the followers of my music know. It is dedicated to my father who passed away a couple years ago and since then i have pushed alot of that away from me , kinda like it never happened and i feel now is the right time to do an album for him. My father Cardell Sr. was a singer by heart, loved to sing, loved his family, and loved to sing for the ladies and god. This album is VERY different from my typical music. I just wanted to let my fans know that i will follow up this record back to my old self and better then ever. its just this moment i NEED and finally have the strength to give this to my father and family.

    This record will be-
    very minimal cursing-
    music for the Ladies lol-
    me singin a lil bit lol-
    Not so much Liquid Assasin guns and violence-
    just alot of things i never touched upon- If you heard apocalypse then an example is more like the last half of the CD.

    Im not doin this record to make money its just more of a personal journey and if it sold 1 copy it really dont make a difference.

    If you are truly a fan of Liquid Assassin without hesitation u will respect what im doing and know that my name is still Liquid Assassin and after I conquer this chapter in my life I will give you Liquid Assassin the way u know and love him. Thank You so much for your Love and Support, to everyone of you that follows me and supports my music.

    God Bless,

    P.S. BUY APOCALYPSE!!!!! I still care if that sells. Ya dig!!!!

    Liquid Assassin - Apocalypse - iTunes

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    Good to hear

    very minimal cursing = nice, a ton of swearing gets old fast on songs imo
    music for the Ladies lol = meh
    me singin a lil bit lol = interesting
    Not so much Liquid Assasin guns and violence = good, this means more diverse song topics
    just alot of things i never touched upon = same as above

    ill definitely be picking it up

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    That's straight. His other solo albums are tight.

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    LA you are the truth homie!!!!

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    cant wait for it i think it will be sick

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