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Thread: Earbuds Help

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    Earbuds Help

    I was planning on spending a good chunk of $$ on some headphones, about $70 to be exact. I know they can go way past that but I usually only spend $5 on them. The problem is I don't know what to get, Sony, Bose, Skullcandy, Sennheiser, or some other type? Anyone got any advice on what earbuds I should buy?

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    $70 on Earbud headphones? That's quite a budget for Earbuds. I rocked some $20 Skullcandy earbuds for about two years and they were pretty good in my opinion, and I got a decent set of Skullcandy headphones, I gave like $80 or some shit for them.

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    sony sucks for earphones it is not that company's forte in products

    Bose would be good but very expensive, never heard of seinnheiser

    and last but not least for the price you can't beat skull candy's

    they are good quality for a decent price and that price range has been expanded from about 15 $ to about 80 $

    so I'd say take your pick of the skull candy's its what I've used for years and they are always great

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    The ruffian skull ones are legit, ive had mine for almost 3 yrs n the sound quality is great

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    I personally never spent that much on ear buds but from experience with headphones, most in Walmart and best buy are headphones you'd wanna stay away from (not all though but if you go to an actual music store they will more then likely have a quality pair for a better price. I had dre phones studio edition, and though they weren't bad I found a pair that came out in equal or better quality for 150 instead of 400. Just look around n u should be good

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    My last ear buds were about 200. I would recomend you checking out the lil jamz by monster. You can find them on amazon for around 50 but they are like 100 earbud. Amazon is just ill with it.

    Skull candys are pretty much shit. People just buy them because they look cool tbh.

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    Depends on what you want. I'm a bass guy. I got these for $52.99 on Amazon and they are absolutely fantastic. Comfortable, no batteries, sound great, bass is unreal.

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    Skull Candy are trash. Anyone with enough knowledge on the subject will tell you the same thing. Go with a pair of Sennheisers. I bought a pair about a year and a half ago and they still work. I paid $80 AUD for them but considering how long ago that was I'm pretty sure you should be able to pick up an even better pair than I have for the same price range.

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    Klipsch is the only brand i have used since i got my first pair.

    i think a pair like these is exactly what you are looking for.

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