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    Do you think it is needed? If so, can you explain why. If you think it isnt needed, please state why you feel that way too. If you dont know what moderation is, feel free to post off topic since many of you will anyway.

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    No moderation isn't needed. People need to have tougher skin and learn how to deal with opposing ideas and thoughts. That's what makes the Internet so beautiful, ppl can be honest and say what they really think.
    Think how many problems could really get solved if everyone just said what they thought and dealt with it instead of fake niceness And political correctness.
    Fuck moderation in terms of speech and expression. Moderation is good when it comes to fast food and masturbation.

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    As far as moderators on here, i vote yep and i should also be a mod. What a beautiful world this forum would become.

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    i thought that too

    Quote Originally Posted by The Crazy Englishman!
    I thought this thread meant mods, like admin and shit,
    but its about moderating our views and shit???... fuck that

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    Im lost therefore resigning from this thread. Good day, sir.

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