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Thread: Killers Of Death?!?

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    wtf. why havent we spammed the comments wall yet

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    i did and she deleted my comment ha

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole Payan [AVCP333
    ]wtf. why havent we spammed the comments wall yet

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    I have a list sll starting with "this bitch, i call it my "this bitch list". Here it is....

    This bitch-
    Is duuuuumb
    Is an idiot
    Is not that attractive
    Is rather unattractive
    Is kinda ugly
    Is cole payans type
    Is a worthless hoe
    Has a stupid boyfriend
    Tried making the fact that she bought her bf underware for christmas seem like it was just as good as an expensive peice of jewlery
    Obviously thinks she is among the pooshits of youtube when really shes just another shittypoo
    Needs to do somethinwith her hair
    Said somethin about chapstick
    At least knows tech n9ne is a rapper NOT a group
    Is retarted for pointing out tech is "innappropriate"
    Should be destroyed by the "Killer Of Death"

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