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Thread: K.O.D shit reviews on itunes

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    K.O.D shit reviews on itunes

    I was just checkin' Tecca on itunes for fun and found some reviews, look at some of these dicks reviews! lol, dumb fucks!
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    Im a whiteboy with no flava?

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    yes lol.

    i've heard someone say that only juggalos that don't know shit about real hip hop listen to tech. but whatev.
    i wonder if anyone else have ever felt like this, but when ever i hear someone dis tech, i wonder if tech is really good as i think he is(cuz i pretty much like all his songs) or if i just like his songs cause i've listened to him for so long and now he cannot do any wrong.
    but anyways i thought kod was subpar, probably on the lower half of the list of my favorite tech albums.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cørpørate Avenger
    Im a whiteboy with no flava?

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    lmao kid of dumbness

    thats the most retarded thing my eyes have set and focused on.

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    theres heaps more just like this on itunes! lol, WTF????

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    lol, thats it bro!

    Quote Originally Posted by GodZi?Ra
    Mainly Birdman fan boys.

    Quote Originally Posted by GreenBlood
    theres heaps more just like this on itunes! lol, WTF????

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    who cares what these people said. Is anyone gonna stop bumpin tech cuz of it? I'm not. Fuck people.
    These are just stupid ass kids with internet connections any way. there not professional reveiws. Fuck people.
    I know a lot of people who claim to hate tech but when I'm in there ride and secretly slip it in, I always get the same shit.
    "Well tech still sucks but that songs the shit." A week later there bumpin a bunch of it. Tech is the best. You can't force him on people cuz they see us in the cloths and reppin him, and they think its on some icp shit. But if you just slip tech in and sneak him up on people they love it. Tech N9ne IS RESPONSABLE FOR MY COUSIN NO LONGER BEING RACIST. Tech has the ability to reach anybody with his music. It's just gotta be right song right time. Besides did you see how many people found the reveiws helpfull? not many.
    But even if I was the only tech fan in the world. and everyone else told me he was garbage, I would slip in my earbuds, turn it up to twenty, smoke a joint with one hand, flip the world off with the other and bump that shit. Fuck people.

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    I think we should look at the good side of this lol. Seriously, the album on iTunes is an overall 5 star rating, which is very rare. And out of the 182 reviews, only 9 are one star, and it looks like most are 5 stars. So i'd say it got pretty good reception. But yeah, whoever wrote those reviews are confused people.

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    Those kids prolly ride vanilla ices wang.

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