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Thread: On your whip son.....

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    On your whip son.....

    Lol. Aight, so how many of yall got Strange shit on your car? I got two 8in decals on my back window.

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    Sep 2009
    Had a 2incher on mine. .then it floated away

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    Stolen or what?

    Quote Originally Posted by boxspring joe
    Had a 2incher on mine. .then it floated away

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    my man has one on the center of his car... luks nice... pretty big...

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    got da 12in red decal on da back window of my cts was gon get da 15in but they only had it in silver at da show. so i went wit da 12in cuz reds my color bitch!!

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    I have the grey decal in the upper left spot on my back windshield. It's actually backwards, so from the outside the "S" is backwards. My car is the same color, so it blends in perfect!

    I'll post a pic later on.

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    I got 2 8inch and 1 2inch Snake and Bat decals on my Intrepid. And the Tech N9NE pendent hangin from the mirror.

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    Had a real bad rain an forgot about it. .45min later my tempo floated away ...was fucked up. .had some nina cds floating in that bitch when I got to it. pretty funny now

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    Oh yeah I got the first bandana they came out with, the red one, inseemed on my passenger seat. Looks pretty tight.

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    Naw I aint got nothin on my van lol yea I said it, van lol

    yea I wish Xzibit came here and got my van and pimped it out lol it is soooo shitty like 4real lol my damn driver door don't open, driver window don't roll down, no AC, hella wasp nests in it lmao but its cold here so its all jesus now lol, I guess I need 2 move 2 Cali and try and get a hold of Xzibit lol, or jus easily get a new ride lol

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