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Thread: should tech n9ne and three six mafia make a music video

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    should tech n9ne and three six mafia make a music video

    Should tech n9ne make the demons offical music video with three six mafia
    Should three six mafia remake the music video shots after shots with tech n9ne in it

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    I think it would be cool, but I don't think Tech has the time to do another video. He has upcoming shows in January to prepare for, then the Strange tour thats coming up also. It'd be cool to see a remake of Shots After Shots though.

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    1. I doubt he has time to do another video, and doubtful to get 4 videos from one album
    2. Not gonna happen, wish they would add a part for techs verse though

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    but the good thing about that is, my radio station plays that song once a month and its good to hear tech on your way to work just out of the blue lol. The video would be a lil better with tech in it.

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    yea they should re-do shots a fter shots, thats one o the sickest party songs in a while n tech aint in the video wtf!!! but with his touring situation im suprised he has time to get his own videos done

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    Wait, wut? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, they cam hard on that junt, especially Juicy J. He shocked me with his verse, I even thought J was Lord Infamous when he switched his flow towards the end of his verse. That Demon collab is sick! Just my opinion though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackie
    i thought 3 6 was wack on demons. So no, I dont want to see a music video for that one

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    Yeah for sure. Demons would be a bad ass video.

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