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Thread: The Real - A 16 Bar Verse I Wrote

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    The Real - A 16 Bar Verse I Wrote

    This is reality and you need to be thankful for what you have!

    I know you up there looking down from the heavens up above
    Making sure i dont give up when these times get rough
    It seems like it was yesterday now your gone
    Sometimes I wanna give in but i gotta be strong
    Still Wish that you would come back some way somehow
    Want you here with me but your in a better place now
    It trips me out how your here then one day your gone
    I would of never imagined Id be writing this song
    No matter the struggle gotta keep on pushin to the top
    Heart of a soldier that wont quit till heart stops
    Im tellin you my story with a pen and a pad
    One instrumental just tryin to make an impact
    In someones life somewhere across the globe
    Thinkin that you have it all planned out but you really dont know
    What God has in store people that you take for granted
    When you least expected it they could all vanish

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    Cool verse, thas real.

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    There is no reality/what you see is a lie
    There is no justice in a world the the wicked prosper and the good die
    I fly a rebel flag for what it really atands for
    19 year old punk rock anarchist/the angry youth we will not take more
    Subjected to the laws of man/ never could our race prosper under the laws of love
    I see these injustices and its made me doubt the christian god living up above
    I know in my heart that there was a devine creator
    And i hope on the day that i die i get to see my maker
    But untill that day i will never bow to something that has not helpd me
    I was raised in the church brought up to be 100% godly
    But now i resist this world like i resist the bibles lies
    Im goin out with a fuckin bang/ send my soul up in the skys
    Liberate me from my earthly bonds and all of these wicked things
    I am an angel still trapped in hell
    Where i fell
    As the people who control this worlds pockets swell
    I guess my only escape is at the hands of those i appose
    Thats why i never fear to let these demons close
    Cuz one day i will finally cross the bounds
    And they will take my life/ ill go silently not making a sound

    Random as fuck but im bored

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