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Thread: NEW CD?????

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    NEW CD?????

    i know that K.O.D. just dropped not too long ago, but with the new infection 2010 mixtape being passed around in the southeast, i can't help but wonder when tech's gonna grace us again with another bangging album... does anyone out there know of a new cd in the making yet or anything kuz since k.o.d. was soooo dirty i cant wait to see what else hes got cooking up in that crazy/ genius head of his.

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    he's droppin a collabos in may or someshit.

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    there wasn't any new tech stuff on the sampler, so it doesn't look like we'll see anything until at least may. and the next thing coming out will be a collabos, which will have a kabosh song on it for sure which will give us more of a taste of the real kabosh since tech will finally have the band together. and i think i heard something about the kabosh album being out next year too.

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    Oh dear, I told you not to mingle with the Africans, Godzirrah. did you dl the album yet?!?!?!@@@

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anghellic Techn9cian[;
    he's droppin a collabos in may or someshit.
    Yeah I can't wait.

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    oooh i liked angelz and cellz... but rap ambush is deffly my top on that album.. what cover?

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    oh shit. i told you my photoshop is a whore. So. Idk. i need an external hd and a different internet plan so i can get that shit. but hold up ill look for something similar on the net..

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    May I ask why the images are in a zipped folder?

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    oh. i didn't have to extract them or anything so it's fine. just weird though.

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    ugh probably. fuck vista.

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