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Thread: Skatterman ft Snug Brim & Young Buck - Sukka Dukkas (Dj Blazinhell REMIX)

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    Skatterman ft Snug Brim & Young Buck - Sukka Dukkas (Dj Blazinhell REMIX)

    I was shocked to see someone else posted this on youtube.

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    I made the beat.... When I made it, it was more of a smoke and ride track, but I started listening to it, and put it to sukka dukkas.

    Quote Originally Posted by Naveed
    I like the beat, but not anyone on that track. I think the rapping couldve been done better by someone else

    actually listening to it again, i dont think anyone coulda rapped on this beat properly. just doesnt seem like it was made for rapping on

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    Yu got an mp3 of this?

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    MORE COW BELL!!!!!! lol jk. sounds good

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    none of these match the flow IMO

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    Thanks. However i cannot dl it til i get to a comp. It probably needs more cowbell

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    It's straight.

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    its ok but i like the og one more

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    i like the remix i just hate how it's not explicit. that annoys the hell out of me and that's the only reason this song will never be on my phone for daily listenage. same w. on my feet. =[

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