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Thread: If you could choose the next SUPERGROUP

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    Nov 2009

    If you could choose the next SUPERGROUP

    If you could pick 4 members to the the next supergroup who would they be? (excluding all members of strange music)

    Mine would be Young Buck, Juelz Santana, Bun B, and Chamillionaire.

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    Nov 2008
    aesop rock, slug, eyedea, sage francis

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    Tech N9ne. Nelly. Kutt Calhoun. Bizzy Bone.

    Midwest Choppers, baby!

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    tech n9ne, monoxide, esham(old school sham of course lol :P), dirtball.
    skold, stoupe, and shinoda as collaborating producers

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    Krayzie Bone, Sean Price, Raekwon, Steele

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    the game,chamillionaire, papoose, dalima

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    Tech N9ne. Tupac, emenem, metallaica

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    A lot of people missed the part saying "excluding strange music"

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    lol i would like to see this happen as well!! might as well throw beethoven in there too....... symphony no. 7 goes hard......

    Quote Originally Posted by Bradley Poling
    Tech N9ne. Tupac, emenem, metallaica

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    eminem, drake, young jeezy, jahred of hed pe. fasho

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