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Thread: locc 2 da brain

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    locc 2 da brain

    so i dunno if any of yall ever listened to these niggaz ive been a long time fan of brotha lynch hung, mr doctor, baby reg, tre 8, etc. i love all their ol skool solo shit n i ended up finding a few tracks from them as a group called "locc 2 da brain" its all the metioned above with the exception of lynch who i gues juz produced the beats. anyway, ive been tryn to find their self titled cd for a while but i can only find like three tracks posted on youtube. my homie told me the album only printed a minimal amount of copies but if so i still cant find it anywhere so im wondering if the shit even physically materialized, but heres a link to one of their tracks on youtube its sicc as fuck good ol sactown gangsta shit, n if anyone has any remote idea where i canfind this album please let me know, thanks

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    is it this? this says ep... idk if that's what you're looking for....
    I'm not really feeling the stuff posted on you tube but i don't mind helping a bro out.

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    It's from the Best of Black Market Records cd

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