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Thread: 57 rdv's greatest hits????

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    57 rdv's greatest hits????

    does any one have like a list of what you think would be their best songs?
    I've downloaded a few of their albums but can't seem to get into it. even tho i like big scoob's shit, i like let's get fucked up, and i love constantly dirty.
    i also like a lot of their shit on their myspace.

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    Praise the lord... And pass the ammunition
    It's on now
    Let's get fucked up
    Sick 'em
    everyday life
    millenium Mitch
    hard times
    look in my eyes
    lil nitty
    just like my brotha
    get the fuck down

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    thanks man, i'll check these out.

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    yea boss dogs is dope. i've had them on my ipod before but deleted them cause i wasn't listening to it. but i was listening to constantly dirty the other day and i like everyone's verse from it an thought i should give 'em a second chance or something

    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Cold
    Boss Doggs from Celcius is my favorite track of theirs. But I feel the same way. Im not a huge fan and the songs I do like are because of Scoob and Tech.

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    also the "the streets laugh last" is pretty dope.

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    Just a few tracks are good cause the shit sounds outdated.

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    look up the song truly blessed on the album my dogs for life that my fav one

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    Spoc is their best song. Too bad its so rare, I can't find it.

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