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Thread: 50 cent/g unit

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    50 cent/g unit

    most people on this site either love or hate eminem, but I was curious to see how many people like 50? Personally I think Lloyd banks is better, but I was handing out flyers and sampelers in Omaha Nebraska like 4 months ago and I saw a small white kid wearin a 50 cent shirt and I figured he would like Tech so I asked him and his exact words where "I've heard of them but don't like it, it's not street"

    now I'm not a gang banger or nothing of the sort...but I could have smashed this kids head into the fuckin ground he was a cup fucking cake and ever since I talked to him I've been paying close attention to 50 and listenin to his entire catalog....and I can't lie I enjoy his old stuff(before eminem discovered him) and his first CD after that it kinda went downhill....

    I also think the entire rap world should give credit to 50 as him and G unit started mixtapes which are a main stake in hip hop now a days...what you guys think?

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    G unit wasnt even close to who started mixtapes and they were only decent cause of Buck in my opinion. 50 sucks in my opinion as well.

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    Don't like 50, but the best G Unit member was definately Young Buck. I got all his albums, and heard the other members albums, and think that Young Buck is better.

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    g unit started it, at least thats what 50 says, and yeah I liked buck too but the new g unit stuff (game buck and I think there was another guy named spyder loc?) can't fuck with the old mixtapes imo

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    but I haven't listened to much of Buck's solo shit so my opinion may be jaded....aint C-bo and buck doin shit now?

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    I think 50 is a funny ass dude but when It comes to his music I only like some of it so I listen to him every now and then. I don't like a lot of his songs.

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    yeah on his new album the song he has with eminem is the shit...psycho i think is what its called

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    You should of smashed the kids head onto the fuckin ground.

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    The game and young buck were the best of g-unit

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