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Thread: Ces Cru "Colosseum" Music Video

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    Ces Cru "Colosseum" Music Video

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    This is nutz! I've been waiting for this video.

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    everything these boys touch is nice

    these niggas are the real dead

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    Idk, I've been a huge fan of them for a while and The Playground is still one of the best albums I've heard. But, idk about this song. I think the chorus is catchy, but the verses and beat seem kinda generic for them. Its different from other artists, but, for Ces Cru, it seems like stuff they've done before. I don't dislike it, but it didn't surprise me the way I hoped.

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    i feel the same way

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    everything strange does right now is fire!

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    ubi smashed his first verse idk wtf ur talkin about

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    I really enjoyed the song. Thought the video was pretty dope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midwest Chopper

    This song is way too east coast sounding for my Midwest ears lol

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