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Thread: Merry Chrismas Yall

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    Merry Chrismas Yall

    Merry Xmas yall from Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi
    Peace people hope to see you all in the new year
    (My new years Resalotion..... No Hate threads probly wont come true tho )

    An to all of Strange hope a Merry Xmas an a bigger prosporouse Strange new year yall feel me!
    To all the haters suck my drunk As Dick =P

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    HAHAHA you to bro from another auzzie tech fan to another. I dont think theres much chance of that coming true but it always makes for some interesting reads so its algood.

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    Merry christmas 2 yall on the east coast lol midwest not yet tho but merry christmas yall

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    merry xmas foo

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