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Thread: Just ordered 2 Cognito albums

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    Just ordered 2 Cognito albums

    I just ordered 2 cognito albums off. Master P presents Cognito Recognition and Cognito presents Thats My Mic. From what i heard of them they sound dope. Thats my Mic is a comp with C-bo, AP9, E-40 and some other Bay area rappers on it.

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    Yea I picked them up a couple months back. When I met Cognito in Santa Cruz he signed the Recognition copy for me. He also said this album with Strange will be the 1st music he has been able to do that HE wanted to do. He said his old shit isn't 50% as dope as the new shit, if thats true AUTOMATIC is gonna be ic.

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    this deserves a bump!

    anyone have a review on Thats My Mic?

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    I appreciate that support 100%! The reason I say the old shit aint half as good as the new shit is because I have NEVER been able to do the music I have wanted to. Strange Music NOW allows me to do that.... I will always have a love for that old music that started my career BUT now I am able to do what I WANT TO.
    thanks again,


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