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    start up

    I am an up and coming rapper from Boulder, MT. I don't have oppurtunities to record here, so I am posting this so that I can ask fellow Tech fans for some help. My rap name is Likwid X, do u think that is a good name? And is there any producer on here that I can connect with, preferably close to Montana, to distribute my writings into recordings? If so, email me at, and we can make arrangements if you like some of my writings. Thank you.

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    Hey man there is some connects over in Billings MT. I dunno exact details but if you wanted to go some where near you know doesnt require you to leave MT and I'm from Wolf Point man so I know what you mean connects and shit are hard to come by in Montana but I would have to say your best bet would be try to get with someone over there in Billings

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    Go to nastynullities.ning,com. It's like this but specifically for up and coming rappers.

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    No I dont Rap, but I got some friends that are having tha same problems as you are, and they are looking into billings for a possible connect you know, They made a couple rought Cd's and are tryin to get them out by moving them anyway they can

    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan Stewart Rosier
    Alright, thank you man. Next time I'm over there I will check shit out. Do you rap?

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    Couldnt you do some shit on your computer.

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