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    So what in your mind do you think would be the best video out there I'm sure this post as been put up before so sorry for the re-run but thought I would through it up again.
    I would like to see
    Krizz Kaliko - Get Off, Anxiety, Do Sumn,
    Kutt Calhoun - Smilin Faces, Stop Jeffin, Exclusive, Party Rock
    Tech N9ne - Far Away, Sorry N Shit, Party and Bullshit, Blown Away
    Well them are some of what I would like to see put into a video so throw up your idea's to huh

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    Paint a dark picture
    Im so high
    Geycha life right
    I see it
    Smilin faces
    Strange music box(only if they had the guys that did hellboy 2 do it)
    In the trunk

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