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Thread: Love Living in Colorado

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    Love Living in Colorado

    All those Winter shows in Colorado are going to be awesome who is all going to them?

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    fuck you


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    Ill hit one of them up forsure

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    Or he just loves making money, and could give a shit less about Colorado...just another possibility.

    Quote Originally Posted by KING-TECHNICIAN
    Just like in the other discussion started by some chic ALEXX or some shit.....DONT HATE!!! PARTICIPATE!!! Just goes to show Tech loves Colorado and the peeps here....we are the shit and show him madd love!!! Home away from home for Tech!!!

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    ME! i'll be at the black sheep on bob marley's birthday.

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    Wish these shows were this week cause Im travelin to Colorodo for the holidays. LAME

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    You lucky Colorado Technicians. Damn I wish Chi town had a show.

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    Yo Colorado, your boy Tayfont from the bay will be making a special 3 day trip to Colorado Springs for both shows! I expect to see some luv from yall...yadddaammean!

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    u gon see me there fa sho

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    Ft Collins Feb 3rd ill be there

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