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    Matic Lee

    Matic Lee D.O.A Delivery On Arrival, Has anyone herd any of his music, he has done work with Tech N9ne, (Jump Around The Room) and Produced Red Nose, anyway what I'm gettin at is what do ya'll think of his music if you havent herd any he is on Myspace under Matic Lee (of course) and one track is on youtube off his new album D.O.A

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    Never heard his shit but like his productions though. I'll go listen to some of his shit on the internet right now.

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    I agree, he's dope.
    I plan on purchasing D.O.A.

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    Hell ya outta sight, and 6ikness my 2 favorites right now

    Quote Originally Posted by The Crazy Englishman! (Sam)
    Matic Lee is the fuckin shit, i havent heard everythin hes got, but Insomnia, Gone, Outta Sight and Why So Serious are fuckin siiikkkkk, when is D.O.A out, im buyin that shit man,

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    I got a lot of what Matic Lee has done.
    his "Back From Hell (Unreleased Tape)"
    his Infinity album, and other various tracks he has/was on.

    And his work with Duces Wild and Gun Club 45.

    I also have Killa Kane's mixtape.
    I've gotten permission from him to post them all up (except Gun Club 45, it's on iTunes) on the internet before, so if anyone wants anything, lemme know.

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    fuckin great artist, i downloaded some shit off a site w. like 12 songs of his nd i think he great, i love insomnia nd never be...definatley gonna b supporting him when d.o.a comes out

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