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Thread: I Do the Big Shit, its the Small shit that don't matter, I got hella skills .

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    I Do the Big Shit, its the Small shit that don't matter, I got hella skills .

    O.K. the comments when hard on me. But at the same time did you get the idea, right. My spelling may not be so great, but my mind is deep, I just thought you should know that. I've got a back ground in engineering, architecture and community development so don't hate on me. I've been involved in rebuilding the urban core of Kansas City, since I was in my twenties. The interpretation of the Mind of the Nine was just my view point on what I get out of his music, which is why I support his efforts. Don't think I'm some dumb ass chick with no substance. I have worked on projects such as the New Central High School, Bartle Hall, new construction of homes from 18th and Benton to 21st and Benton in Kansas City, I have managed the Kansas City Wide Paint Up and Minor Home Repair programs in the 90's, I prepared the paperwork to get the 18th and Vine area designated as a historical site in KC, Shit, when I was a buck, I ran the streets and did danm the thing, I just retired you haters are exactly what keep me goin, I ain't mad, so tell me, What have you done to contribute to the Human Race? Huh, or do you just have negative shit to comment on others. Yes I love the Nine and his crew, so what if I misspelled some shit, bitches I'm human ain't you? . LOL love you all just the same. Send me some love next time.

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    yeah, people just go on here and talk a bunch of shit because they have nothing better to do.

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    ...... ffs

    N9ne!!!!!!!!!! not nine!!!!!

    i love you too >=[

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    i help ol ass ladies across tha street n gave my samich ta this homless cat one time...i contribute ta tha world all tha time...but buildin kc mo is jus rediculus (yo i cant spell SHIT) =D

    o, n i luv ya lots to

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