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Thread: To other midwest residents

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    To other midwest residents

    how do you feel about midwest rappers/singers that don't really claim it. I mean midwest has a lot of rappers on the radio and shit and the sad thing is most people think they not from here

    Kanye West(chicago)
    Kid Cudi(Clevland)
    The Jacksons(not sure what city but they was born in the midwest)
    those are 4 big names that don't really claim it, then you got the few rappers/singers that do(just an FYI if a rapper/singer makes it well known what city they from and that city is in the midwest I consider that repping the midwest)

    Tech & Strange(kansas city mostly)
    Twista (Chicaco)
    Bone thugs(Clevland)
    Nelly(St. Louis)
    Chingy(St. Louis)
    Stevie Stone(St. Louis)
    ICP and Psychopathic Records(Detroit area mostly)
    Eminem and d12(Detroit)
    Dayton Family(flint)

    It would be nice if all midwest rappers/singers from the midwest would claim it proudly like rappers from other areas in the country. I like how snoop described it, Southern rappers have the south that will stand by their artists as now the west coast won't even support west coast artists(refering to radio djs)If the big names from the midwest would start yellin midwest teh way Ice cube claims west coast, or the way biggie claimed East maybe people would start noticing that there is some shit happening in the middle, of course our cities aren't as big as east coast or west coast or evend own south cities(with the exeption of chicago)it would just be nice to see a rapper on MTV's top 20 countdown or w/e claimin midwest, instead of just claimin they city....Techh and Twista are the 2 in the front line IMO who are doing it even with twista's radio shit that american gangsta song is great, and through the video he throws up a MW hand sign(midwest for your people with no imagination lol)

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    well ive heard kanye say chicago in his older stuff, not so much recently. and i personally think that constantly referring to the area of the country you are from gets hella repetetive. im from the bay area, and it gets a little old everytime a song rhymes "the o, the sco, san jo, the valley jo" etc. i only think its retarded when someone starts repping the place their not from, ex. Ya Boy all of sudden repping LA

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    Strange and Psychopathic are the best from the Midwest imo, but some of the others are good like Esham, Twista, and Bone Thugs.

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    yeah he used to do shit with do or die and shit too back in the day he would show respect, but yeah i can see it getting old when youre from the west coast lol you got so many dudes out there that are proud of being from there, out here in the country people and as proud for w/e reason. I live in a city of about 40,000 people and the biggest city in our state is Omaha, there a few good rappers one of em even worked with yukmouth but its just cool when people claim the same area that you live in....if you think about it midwest is the only one place where all the people that are from there don't mention it at least 1 time on every album lol

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