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Thread: Aye! Whats next?

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    Aye! Whats next?

    Based on Techs music now what do you think he will come out with next?
    and when do you think the next release is.

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    Senior Member l<ingJuelz's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Im dying to hear his next album already...I have a feeling this new producer hes usin is gonna bring the best flows n lyrics hes ever spit....think the producer is axis of some shit like that

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    Senior Member Amanda47's Avatar
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    I really hope he takez a break and work on the album....he put out two albumz this year....i culd juz imagine how great the album wuld be.

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    I think he's going to drop a collabo, when he decides so... In an interview, he said Sickology 101 was recorded in a week...

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    collabos is comn out sometime next year. i forgot the date..

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    Senior Member Ace Alucard's Avatar
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    w/e it is, im sure its guna b insane

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