<img src="http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p250/KirbyTheAlmighty/RoundtoppFront_2_Final_Web.jpg"/>

This shit is fantastic.

Go there to buy a copy for 7 dollars, or listen to
"Why Your Nigga Got Shot (ft. The Rondoe &amp; 2Gunn Kevvi)"


1. Intro
2. Come Get It Ya'll (ft. Meezy)
3. Get Mines Off Top
4. How They Look At Me
5. Whip Up Nine
6. Girl
7. Playin' With My Phone
8. Rubberband Stack (ft. Bump Breakum)
9. Wut Is It (ft. Paul Mussan)
10. Nooner (ft. The Popper &amp; Irv Da Phenom)
11. Thought It Was Me (ft. Mel J.)
12. Why Your Nigga Got Shot (ft. The Rondo &amp; 2Gunn Kevvi)
13. Wake Up (ft. Petey Sensay &amp; K. Gov)
14. Nobody Loves You (ft. Irv Da Phenom)