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Thread: why it took so long?

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    why it took so long?

    Ya kno im still tryin to figure out why it took so friggin long for Tech to get the recognition he desreves!! He's been one of the top rappers since the Beef soundtrack came out and "Mitch Bade" was krackin!! The industry has always hated on him and now they're finally realizing what a mistake it was to leave him out!! Now i can't say that his music is exactly inspiring but the grind it took for him to get where he is now defintely is an inspiration to regular people as well as aspiring rappers...I knew youd make it Tech!!! Keep on comin from left field as they say and I'll keep on purchasing your albums!!!

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    He says all the time why it took so long. Its because for one, he is independent. And in order for him to be on TV and the radio, he would have to pay millions of his own money.Secondly, the industry thinks Tech is a devil worshiper. Even though he clearly isn't, the industry is afraid of most of his lyrics.

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