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Thread: anyone heard......

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    anyone heard......

    rihannas new cd....????.....its pretty good....and im not a fan but i got the cd for my bday (which is today btw) .....

    "I lick the gun when I'm done cause I know that revenge is sweet, so sweet" (G4L)

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    Happy Birthday & nah I haven't heard her cd!

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    Happy Birthday

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    ty.....well its good...i thought it would be after i watched the commerical....its basicly fuck you chris your stupid chris i hate you chris i love you chris your a cunt chris....but its pretty awesome and maybe not worth buyin the whole cd but goin on itunes or somthing an gettin half the cd....but shes gettin sick in the head after what happend with chris...i think her an tech should throw down on some shit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Native Amerikilla
    Happy Birthday

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    no one??

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    I heard something about her using her umbrella as a weapon on Chris? lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Lette Reeses Pieces
    no one??

  8. #8 actualy every other word she says (just about) gun

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    if the entire album is about guns and chris brown like you make it sound to be, sounds boring

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    If she really toted guns, Chris would have never beat her ass... lol

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