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Thread: What would u think?

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    What would u think?

    Ok so iv seen it asked what u think bout Tech n Outkast that b great! Tech said hes doin a song with Bone Thugs N' Harmony and Twista called "Speed of Sound" I cant wait then Tech said at woodie awards he hung with The Clipse! What would u say to them puttin it down with Tech? Id Love it but what all u think?

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    It would be great. The Clipse are a great hip hop group. Did you listen Till the Casket Drops. That is fire. Its nice to know that they probably would be down since they were kickin it at the woodies. But I think everyone wants to do Tech shit with a bunch of shit different artists that they like. We just have to wait to see who he does stuff with in the future.

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    To me The Clipse is one of the most underrated groups out there. Their flow and delivery on top of their metaphors are amazing. still one of my fav tracks by them is The Funeral. The possbilities of them and Tech doing a couple verses for eachother would be great!

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