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Thread: Charity

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    Well dont know if i spelt it right but just Wondering/Thinking.

    What would you guys think if Tech/Strange Music
    Started a Charity Foundation for people with Cancer/Epilepsy or other illnese's
    like i dont know a doller from all clothing and or album sales would contribute to the cause?

    i was just thinking bout Tech's mum an all that while listening to K.O.D an thought maybe that would be something he mite or could do to help his conciance out because its prety clear in Show Me a God that he feels prety useless that he cant help make his mum get better.

    Just a Thought i Decided to throw out there let me know what yall think

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    Yea that wuld b koo..they do give 3xl SM logo sweaters to the homeless so at least they do sumthin u know

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    Best idea I've seen on this forum, homie. Great idea. Hopefully Trav or Tech see this and think about it.

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    This actually wouldn't be a bad idea.
    Some less known artists have raised good amounts of money for charities.

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    i like this...itsa good idea.

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    deff be nice theres too much ppl that have unfortanute things happen in their lives or to them they need ne help they can get

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    Thanks for the input guys id be more then happy knowing that i just bought a strange record an know a small amount is go'ing to people that need it,
    seriously not saying that this is what should happen its just an idea but if i could start a charity /foundation for people that need it it would ease my conciance that i may not be able to help one of the people i love most say if it was my mum at least make a diffrance or help change someone elses life that is going through the exact same thing that tech's mum is going through.

    and if it was my mum who was sick she would be at the ut most proud that if i cant save her at least im helping some one else, make there life better

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    we should keep bumping this, in hopes someone of importance reads it.

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    i like this idea... BUMP

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