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Thread: hopsin talks about tech n9ne

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    hopsin talks about tech n9ne

    dont know if it is already up

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    hell ya

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    I just started listening to Hopsin a couple days ago and hes pretty dope... I'd love to see him and Tech collab or maybe even sign a record deal with Strange

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    yea that nigga goes hard listen to the ill mind of hopsin

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    All I gotta say is Damn.

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    off his myspace.. this dude's fuckin ill for comin from where he did, was in special ed es and everything. now he's doin some dope shit

    -MY "PERSONAL" STORY OF LIFE....... My name is Hopsin. I am a video director/editor, rapper and producer. I love all types of music from 50 cent to Alicia Keys to All American Rejects. I've always had a tallent with playing the keyboard since i was around 4 or 5 years old but i never really thought about doing it for a living. i didnt really start getting into hip hop (fully) untill year 2001. thats when i started listening to dr. dre, eminem, crooked I, outkast and so on. I was in special ed es though junior high school and high school. i was never the popular kid at all. i always strived to be coo but never was. i was always known as that wierd black kid who skateboarded. being funny was my only way to make people notice me. i went through all of my school years without ever having solid friends i could hang around with. I had got into acting for a while and tried to make it in that since i was a lil goofy character, But out of all my hard work i put into acting i only got one role, i was a day player on Disneys "That's So Raven". that was the only audition i ever nailed. I thought my life was about to change from there and i would become as big as Will Smith, BUT Naa. i was still the same broke ass nigga on the block after that. haha. thats when i started rapping, i figured that i might be a little cooler if i was a rapper. so i picked up a pin and a pad and started scribbling about how i hate my teachers and all that mess. but i noticed i didnt have a studio to record in and i didnt have any beats. so i purchased a program called fruity loops and started makin beats. then i went to wallmart and baught a 8 dollar mic and started recording. a few years later i had all the friends in WORLD!! I use to make songs for girls i liked in school cause i was too shy to tell them how i felt in person. as many times as i did that i never got 1 girl off of it. haha. i started turning towards the negitave side and saying forget scool only because i heard other rappers say it. they convinced me that i didnt need school to be sucsessfull. I'll admit it, if i never started listening to hip hop then i probably would of graduated high school and went to college, but since i DID start listening to it i dropped out of high school and got signed to Ruthless records and now i have more money then all my teachers, and it feels great PAL!! i dropped out in 2004, i still sucked at rapping tho. i was a wankster on the mic. i always had a fear that i wasent thug enough if i acted like myself when i was rapping. i didnt have no , no immage or personality on the mic. so i started studying rappers who made it and started to notice why they made it EXACTLY. thats when i started building HOPSIN. thats when it came to me, i didnt have to be a thug for people to like my music, i could just be myself. i made sure i had the lyrical skill of every mc. i made sure my music was still appealing to large crowds, and i made sure that people would never forget me if they saw me (the contacts). once i had all those things down i got signed. THANK U CHYNA and LIVIO HARRIS PS. and if i spelled something wrong, Fuck you, i spell how i wonna spell PAL!!

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    haha. he jealous for "i love you to death" by krizz. i kan sure hear a song like that from Hopsin. jus started bumpin tha dude too. gots sum pretty kool jamz to listen too.

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    any one got his cd that they can put up here i only heard few on youtube but he was sick as hell

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