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Thread: Tech N9ne songs...

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    Tech N9ne songs...

    which song is your favorite? that one special song that you play over and over and still love it! ?

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    mine would have to be Einstein or Low off the new KOD cd.

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    This Ring... Hands down the best and most technically well-written song he's ever put together

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    Senior Member ShivenDesai's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Industry is Punks or Like Yeah.

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    Trapped In A Psycho's Body or Keep On Keepin' On.

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    In the beginning my favs were Riot Maker" ", "Suicide Note", "Welcome To The Midwest", and "Jellysickle", but ever since the 1st time I popped a pill and listed 2 Tech the rest of that night thru headphones it's been "T9X", "Stamina", Tormented", "Imma Tell", "Twisted", "My World", and "Psycho Bitch".

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    riotmaker you dont want it from mlk stamina demons horns it was an accident my world intro my world devil boy jellysicle man i could go on and on

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    One Good Time or Show Me A God.... More so Show Me A God just because back in 2003, my grandma was really sick, and I found myself saying the same shit, like if there is a "God", why does he take the best and sweetest people... So that one really gets to me personally.

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    devil boy. & F.T.I.

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    Senior Member Shlaze3790's Avatar
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    trapped in a psychos body the version on vintage tech

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