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Thread: A ? for Juggalo's

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    A ? for Juggalo's

    Alright Juggalo's and Lettes I gotta a question for ya if Family is so important than explain this for me, why would a juggalo rob another Juggalo

    I'm on the bus coming home from a family members house which is over in Butte Montana and I'm in Billings MT at the Greyhound station waiting so I go down to the nearest Store and buy a soda as I'm walkin back I light a cig in a alley as I see this is a shortcut back to tha station and what happens but two Juggalos come out and mug me takin my hatchetman Chain and Wallet which had a hatchet man on it as well, I said this another post and will say it again where is FAMILY in what happened there

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    That's some fucked up shit man. I'm sorry to hear that.

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    i agree. but sum pppl r only worried about themselves. stay tru

    Quote Originally Posted by J9X
    That's some fucked up shit man. I'm sorry to hear that.

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    WTF, they ain't no REAL Juggalos. Mayne I've been listenin to Psychopathic since 1997 and never robbed no fuckin family, That's shady shit. There are some who pull that shit though. I got 40 shirts, 20 posters, and 20 Psychopathic albums stolen by a Juggalo in my neighborhood and he robbed 5 other houses and my friend sent his ass to jail. Fuckin juggaho. They give us REAL Juggalos a bad rep.

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    sorry to hear that shit man. it really looks like there is some real fuckwits in the states claimin to be juggalos but not knowing enough about the real reason we come together. that shit would never happen here in aus cos they still be pretty underground here. the fellas that mugged you wern't juggalos they were losers on the band wagon. don't let it get you down man.

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    Thats not a Juggalo. it's a Juffalo

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    That's shitty. Family robs family tho I've experienced it. So three strangers with a musical bond probably isn't better. Doesn't make what happened better tho getting mugged, robbed, stolen from just sucks.

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    for real, they werent juggalos, they were just bitch hatein juffalos

    thast why they jacked your shit, cause thats what they think being a juggalo is......having the most shit and being the biggest nut rider
    fuck those assholes

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    http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon..../which-band-ha... go vote for juggalos on this and show em what the fuck we are about

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    just cause u wear a psychopathic shit or some shit doesnt make you a juggalo killa some people are just bitch made mutha fuckers

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