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    I need some new features from Tech that I havent found or heard

    Post some!!!!

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    umm.. Shots after shots?

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    Here is all the songs he's ever been featured on in CHRONOLOGICAL order

    "Same Thing Make U Laugh [Make U Cry]"
    "They Likes That Shit"
    "U Owe Me"
    "Everyday Life"
    "Husslin' Zone [Deadication]"
    "It's On Now"
    "Let's Get Fucked Up"
    "Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammunition"
    "Sick 'Em"
    "Attention All Haters" Micah
    "Armed Criminal Action [A.C.A.]"
    "7 Sinz"
    "Mr. Steep Pockets"
    "Mid Intro: Mad Confusion"
    "Ready For The Meat Wagon"
    "All Day All Night"
    "Thugged Out"
    "Give Us What We Need"
    "Ride 2 Dis"
    "Roll Out"
    "Boss Doggin'"
    "Dogs 4 Life"
    "God 4 Give Us"
    "Gold Tooth Gangsta Shit"
    "Let's Get Fucked Up [Mega Mix]"
    "Ain't Nobody Fuckin' Wit It"
    "The Anthem"
    "Lyrical Menageatrois"
    "Represent Yo Hood"
    "Play That Shit"
    "Hijacked 4 Your Brain"
    "Hard To Make Yo Mail"
    "Tech N9ne & Lil' Kim [Skit]"
    "Who Got Tha Keys [Navi]
    "Filthy 50's"
    "Critical Mouthpieces"
    "Life Incognito"
    "187 On A Hook"
    "Death Time Soon Near"
    "We No Beg Fren"
    "Smokin' On G's"
    "Biank Zone"
    "Under Pressure [Remix]"
    "Regime Killers 2001"
    "King Song 2002 [Still Getting Fucked Up]"
    "Millinnium Mitch"
    "Rogue Dog VillNWA"
    "Thong Thissle"
    "We Came To Party II"
    "Mo' Flows"
    "Kansas City Niggas Keep It Real"
    "Don't Trust"
    "Steep Pockets 2"
    "Throw Your Hands Up"
    "Giddy Up, Giddy Up"
    "Fist Fulla Dollaz"
    "Root Of All Evil"
    "Don't Hate On Me"
    "Riddle Tha Middle"
    "So Heavy [Remix]"
    "Thug Pit"
    "Shit Ain't Sweet"
    "Midwest Connection"
    "Gangsta Party"
    "In My City"
    "Serial Killa"
    "Grin On My Grill"
    "Regime Mobstaz"
    "Somebody Gone Die 2 Nite"
    "I Gotta Know"\
    "Keep It Keeblur"
    "N A White Manz Eyez"
    "Real Sex"
    "Broken Chains"
    "Mr. Get Over [Remix]"
    "Say What Ya Wanna"
    "Access Denied"
    "So What Chu' Tellin' Me"
    "Super Villians"
    "Kill 'Em Off"
    "Ways Of The World"
    "Slow Motion"
    "Die Again"
    "Thug Pit [Remix]"
    "Sick Sick Em"
    "F.T.I. 2 [Let 'Em Know Remix]"
    "F.T.I. 2"
    "Like It Or Not"
    "No Mercy"
    "I Do [Remix]"
    "Snuff You"
    "Need Some Help"
    "International Player"
    "Dark Places"
    "I Go Again"
    "Phone Calls [Skit]"
    "What We Are"
    "Say What Ya Wanna [Remix]"
    "It's On Now [Chiefs Remix]"
    "Thug Company"
    "Wind Me Up"
    "We Does That"
    "Million Miles"
    "Knock 'Em Out"
    "Drinking Game [Skit]"
    "WTF [Skit]"
    "City 2 City"
    "Bury 'Em All"
    "La La Land"
    "Problem Addict"
    "Bread & Butter"
    "What'z Ya Name"
    "Let's Ride"
    "Intro [Skit]"
    "Only Time Will Tell"
    "Look At Me"
    "Killin' It"
    "Sex Toy"
    "Wild [Slantize Remix]"
    "Ain't'cha Bitch"
    "Crew Cut"
    "Jungle Love"
    "Slow Down" a
    "What's Sizzlin'"
    "Where You Want Me"
    "I See It"
    "School Dayz"
    "Stop Jeffin'"
    "Cuckoo's Nest"
    "Keep It Hott"
    "Bodies Fall"
    "Run Away"
    "I'm That Nigga"
    "Kiss This"
    "My Problems"
    "No More Me And You"
    "Whip It"
    "Mobsta Mobsta"
    "Talkin' Shit"
    "Work On This"
    "Bare en Pige/Just a Girl"
    "Rock 'n Rollin'" Mims
    "Sumn' Like A Pimp"
    "Midwest Explosion"
    "Bollywood Chick"
    "Show Em What Crazy Is"
    "Sum Dem Murder"

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    type in on youtube-Grewsum feat. Tech n9ne

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