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Thread: Bring back the classics!

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    Bring back the classics!

    don't get me wrong! any set list that tech compiles for his tours is amazing and they flow so well together. but for just one tour or just one night (better be in KC) i'd like to hear full songs of ic Tech! i'm talkin about Mitch Bade, Now It's On, and Tormented (there are so many more but those are the main 3 i wanna see)! and then for the finale, i'm a playa's good, but mix it up and bring out the 57 RDV's and do Let's Get Fucked UP! Just one time that's all i ask! Technicians stand up! let me know if this is something you could feel!

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    I agree bro, Think Tech should start doing some Vintage type tour ish.

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