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Thread: The fine line between dickrider and fan!!!

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    The fine line between dickrider and fan!!!

    Sooo...There are a bunch of rappers on this site from what i gather. Some dope, some wack, but what I have noticed as an artist, as well as a fan of Tech and many others.Alot of the Technician, Juggalos, or whatever set you claim seem to always say "So and so isnt dope because, they dont sound like Tech." Well lets think about this, if everyone sounded like Tech there would be no originality to this site or HIS music.You wouldnt get dope collabs like Tech and Bumpy Knuckles on B.Boy. Music is music, you cant compare everyone to someone else if that were the case everyone would sound like The Sugar Hill Gang....Be Easy and open your mind, hear some new shit, you know what im sayin, a little....OZ!!!!

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    I agree with this guy.

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    agreed...of course...

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    Fo Sho!!! Well said.

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    *cough* joe smith *cough*

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    who the fuck is joe smith

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    Yeah...Thanks for the info buddy...Had no idea that if everyone sounded like Tech there would be no originality, you have opened my eyes.....................

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